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ASCE’s Geotechnical team works to create a model Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) wall using our knowledge of soils and foundations. Working on this project means learning how to conduct lab experiments to find soil properties, learning how to apply classroom knowledge and traveling to competitions. Every Year CSUN’s GeoWall team competes regionally against dozens of other schools. This year the national competition will be taking place at Orlando, Florida.


The GeoWall Competition takes place in four main phases. Phase One is the construction of reinforcement strips that are cut using Kraft paper. This phase is the most important and is where all of the design takes place. Phase Two is the construction of the MSE wall itself. During this phase, the reinforcement is attached to the construction paper wall. Phase Three is when the Wall is placed in a prebuilt sandbox, which is made of plywood. Finally, Phase Four is when the wall is loaded with an extra surcharge that changes year to year.



















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For more information, contact email:


Lorenzo Magantulao

Project Manager

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