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The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is an international organization that advances the practice and advocacy of civil engineering and infrastructure in society. As an ASCE student chapter on the California State University, Northridge (CSUN) campus, students begin their professional career development and gain real-world experience to prepare them for the engineering industry. 


Members of ASCE CSUN are exposed to networking, volunteer work, internships, job opportunities, and scholarships. Often coordinating with the local Younger Member Forum (YMF), students have opportunities to network with young civil engineers in industry and practice. ASCE CSUN is also an active member in the community through volunteer work and presentations, collaborating with groups from city councils to elementary school students. ASCE CSUN receives job openings from industry businesses and agencies to help students land internships and other positions in a variety of fields. As an ASCE member, students are also eligible for thousands of dollars in scholarships, as well as sponsorships to attend conferences around the nation.







The vast majority of our members participate in special projects. Special projects allow for interdisciplinary collaboration, real-world engineering practice, and a fun spirit of competition. As a part of Concrete Canoe and Geowall, members learn, develop and test their engineering skills while designing and constructing to maximize competitive performance. They are also encouraged to attend the annual Pacific Southwest Conference (PSWC) in spring, the regional ASCE student conference. PSWC attendees compete and network with other ASCE student chapters from universities in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii, in a variety of activities and competitions, from the special projects to sports and games. PSWC also serves as the national-qualifying competition for Steel Bridge and Concrete Canoe. 


As a part of ASCE CSUN, students gain memorable learning and bonding experience, valuable skills such as teamwork, dedication and leadership and, of course, lasting friendships throughout college and beyond. 

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