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California State University, Northridge

CSUN AISC invokes innovation and imagination.

Our purpose is to help our student members develop skills in leadership, technical application, and teamwork while also providing a fun way to interact with peers. Throughout the Academic year our club specifically focuses on designing, fabricating, and constructing the Steel Bridge Project to compete against other colleges from around the country. Competitors are ranked on the basis of structural efficiency and construction economy. The Student Steel Bridge Competition (SSBC) is held every year, once the rules are released a challenge is presented for our team to overcome. We welcome everyone to join regardless of major!


Meet our 2020-2021 Board Members

Megan Godinez


I pursued engineering because I like to problem solve and it brings me joy to help others. I want to make an impact on my community and help change the world for the better!


I began participating in the Steel Bridge Project in my freshman year at college. I joined AISC because working in a team to design, fabricate and build the bridge interested me since I am a visual learner and I wanted to get hands-on experience.

Neo Barrasus - Gomez


I pursued engineering so that I could discover the means by which I could aid in the development of and discovery of the technologies necessary to construct a hyper-efficient, ultra-dense, vertical urban structure allowing for a level of sustainability and eco-isolation on a mass-scale not seen anywhere else on earth.

I joined AISC to create connections, meet like-minded people, develop important career-related skills, and as an effective resume builder.

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Alexis Hernandez
Fabrication Lead


I pursued engineering because cousins are civil engineers as well.

I joined AISC because past alumni suggested I'd join ASCE, which is where I met Chris Patron who became a great guide of showing me what AISC is all about.

Ben Zilber
Design Lead
Ben Zilber AISC.heic


I pursued civil engineering over mechanical/electrical because I was always interested in how large structures were able to remain so still.

I joined AISC because it was a good opportunity to learn important software apps and apply my knowledge from class. In a way, it's almost like an internship.

Cristian Soto
Public Relations


I pursued engineering because I was always interested in the application of math and science in real world problems.

I joined AISC because I wanted to learn more about steel design and also develop new skills on new computer software like RISA 3D. 

Jocelyn Mata


I pursued engineering because I thought it would be a lot of fun! Engineering is the field that solves the most impactful problems in the world.

I joined AISC to be more involved in engineering organizations and learn how to be a better leader. I want more females to see other females in leadership positions so they get the confidence to apply for leadership positions.

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